Lower Left Abdominal Pain After Eating

Lower Left Abdominal Pain After Eating

Abdominal pain can be considered as one of the most common physical discomforts. Almost everyone of you need to have experienced it at some point of time during your life. From babies to older people, everyone goes through periodic bouts of stomach pain. There are a number of causes why abdominal pain originates in the first place. It is mostly intensified after eating. However, lower left abdominal pain after eating is quite unusual.

  • Some anti-spasmodic drugs may help to relieve the pain of IBS, as they slow the contractions in the bowel.
  • Antidepressants are also known to be effective when it comes to reducing discomfort (and also diarrhoea).

Some doctors are in fact recommending antidepressants and mood-elevating drugs such as Elavil and Prozac, believing that this will be helpful if the patient's flare-ups are emotional driven. The relationship between the brain and the gut are well known and is being studied and may prove to be valid but when you study the potential side effects of these mind-altering drugs, it can be a blessing to have a natural option.

Due to the fact that of these finding scientists think they may be a link here to colon cancer prevention. As well, prebiotics may help relieve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, help control weight, lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar, and speed up waste transit time.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a condition, in which, body is incapable of producing an enzyme called lactase, which is required for the breaking down of lactose. Lactose is a milk sugar, found in all dairy products. When you experience abdominal pain after eating dairy products, then most likely it is due to lactose intolerance.

  • Abdominal cavity consists of various organs such as spleen, liver, kidneys, aorta, intestines, appendix etc.
  • Abdominal discomfort can come from as an outcome of abnormal performance of any of these organs.
  • Nevertheless, there aren't many organs in the left lower quadrant of the abdominal cavity.
  • Therefore, pain on lower left side of the abdomen is pretty rare after eating.
  • There are some conditions that are known to induce this kind of pain after consuming, which are as follows:

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  • Lemon Soda

    You are going to have a big meal with a lot of fried, processed foods, you can sip lemon soda throughout your meal. Lemon soda prevents the development of gas and hence, relieves you of bloated stomach after eating. However, make it a point to sip on small portions of soda instead of gulping it down at once.

    • Piping hot cup of tea gives you an immediate relief from all the stomach ailments.
    • Herbal tea and green tea are also effective in treating gastrointestinal problems.
    • Mild stomach problems normally do not need medical intervention and can be treated with little changes in your diet and lifestyle.
    • In addition to a healthy diet, it is very important to invest a long time for workouts.
    • In spite of this, if the problem persists, you may have to look for a proper medical treatment.
    • This indicates that either the nerves or the muscles involved in the digestive tract activities do not work in ways they should.
    • The nerves though exceed those that are found in the digestive system.
    • The spinal chord and the brain themselves are also involved.

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