Left Side Back Pain After Eating

Left Side Back Pain After Eating

Random, isolated incidents of pain can happen in any part of the body and pain in the back is nothing uncommon. Nevertheless, having pain in the left side of back after eating is a sign not experienced by many. Usually, the pain disappears after a couple of minutes. But if it is recurrent and has begun to make you wary of eating, it is a cause for concern. There are many factors that can lead to pain, primary which are listed below.

The symptoms continue to increase during the third trimester period. One of the most obvious indicators that a pregnant woman might experience is irregularity. This condition happens due to the fact that the level of progesterone increases and permits the muscles of the body to relax or unwind. Once this happen, the digestive system of the body begins to operate slowly. Constipation likewise is very evident to people who have poor dieting plans and inadequate exercises.

Stomach Pain that Lasts for 3 Days or More

Stomach pain that decreases after a bowel movement.



Seeming like you have to pass a bowel movement, however being not able to.



Hypnosis for IBS relief

Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in a number of clinical studies. Hypnotherapy for IBS involves ...


Sexual dysfunction.



Mucus-Rich Stool

Female Issues: Irregularity Signs in Females.

  • Bowel SoundsBowel Sounds The word bowel sound is employed to signify the gurgling or rumbling noise that is emanated from the abdominal area. Food passes from the stomach into the intestinal tracts, and this movement is caused by the contraction of muscles (peristalsis) of...
    • There is no indication that women suffer more constipation symptoms than men, but women do experience a worsening of symptoms during certain times.
    • One of those moments is during pregnancy because of the hormone changes.
    • These hormonal changes affect the body and disrupt the normal routine, which leads to irregularity.
    • Women experience the same issues during the days surrounding menstruation.
    • Some women experience even worse constipation symptoms during menstruation as well.
    • It is also common for women to experience constipation more often during menopause, which also relates to the body producing less hormones.
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    Swallowing Excessive Air

    This is a strange, yet common cause of this condition. If you use a straw for your beverages, or if you drink out of sports bottles, then swallowing too much air is probably the cause for your bloated stomach. There are a number of other ways through which we swallow a lot of air, for instances, talking while we eat, chewing on gum all through the day, or eating when on the move. Preventing these practices can significantly reduce the chances of landing a bloated stomach.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Constipation,Diarrhea

    Organic treatment The use of herbs in treating irritable bowel syndrome is unfortunately sometimes trial and error at first, due to the fact that of the varying signs of IBS from day to day. If you would like to try it, do your research and always supplement first thing every morning with a probiotic. Consult a herbalist who will discuss with you which types of herbs can help your condition. Naturopath and herbalists have had extensive formal training so they know which herbs are good and suitable for certain ailments. Peppermint is one of the popular herbs that is said to be helpful in soothing colon muscles. Also psyllium husks, which are a natural veggie fibre are excellent for taking in the past eating meals as they buffer the effects of the food.

    Treating Appendicitis

    Surgery is the only treatment method for treating appendicitis. The irritated appendix is removed surgically to avoid further complication. If the inflamed appendix remains neglected, it can break, causing a lot of pain.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatments

    There is no permanent cure for IBS. However, medication can help in reducing the signs of IBS. Second of all, a change in diet and way of life can also help in easing the symptoms and discomfort triggered due to this condition.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

    Irritable bowel syndrome, although a digestive disorder, is one of the causes of pain in the back. The exact cause of this condition is not known, but tension, diet, dietary habits, etc., are said to trigger this condition. It is identified by alternating stages of constipation and diarrhea, left side back pain under ribs, abdominal pain after consuming, bloating, etc.

    • While speaking about the issues of small intestine, the majority of people report obstruction in this portion and infection by harmful bacteria.
    • Accordingly, the signs of small intestinal disorders and severity of the conditions may vary from one patient to another.
    • For your understanding, following is a list of small intestinal conditions in addition to the manifested symptoms.